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Rabbi Nachman Goldenberg

Director of Kriah Advancement , Judaic Studies Teacher

Third and fifth grade

Rabbi Goldenberg is known for his special affinity towards his students and children. He loves to use technology, care, and personal connection in his classroom to guide his students towards their spiritual and academic goals. One such program became popularly known as "The Krazy Kriah Kraving". This program is an innovative Kriah initiative to motivate students to not only master their Kriah skills but to excel in Hebrew fluency. In addition, his interactive Parshat Hashavuah classes are an all-time favorite!

Rabbi Goldenberg got his Semicha/ Ordination from Rabbinical Seminary of America, holds a Bachelors of Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State University, and a Masters in Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School, a subdivision of Yeshiva University. In his spare time, he enjoys learning Torah, giving shiurim, chazanut, singing, blowing shofar, fixing things, playing instruments, exercising, and everything in between. Rabbi Goldenberg is currently the third and fifth-grade rebbe in Phoenix Hebrew Academy and is beginning his seventh year as a PHA staff member. He is a devoted father and husband, and he, together with his wife Aliza, is the proud parent of four beautiful children.

Rabbi Nachman Goldenberg
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