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Our Community

As the original center of religious Jewish life in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, the Phoenix Hebrew Academy campus is home to a number of sister organizations which allow us to offer a full-service Jewish experience for everyday living as well as all life-cycle events.

  • Beth Joseph Congregation provides daily davening services, many classes and social events, and a vibrant and growing community of open and accepting families, housed in a facility which is ready to host your next simcha or special event.

  • The Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth provides for all your Kosher-living needs from certification of our many local Kosher eateries and establishments, as well as many food products sold in stores nationally, to both private and commercial kashering services.

  • The Jewish Enrichment Center (JEC) hosts a wide range of Torah classes and social events for every Jew, from the beginner to the well-versed scholar, whether you seek a daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time offering.   

Additionally, our community offers multiple mikvaot, a reliable eruv, and all of the other amenities which one might look for in a thriving Jewish city. Join the rapidly growing number of families and individuals who consider our warm and welcoming community their family, and who call our one-stop-shop campus their home for Jewish life!

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