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Middle School

Middle School adolescence is a special time in life, and sometimes a difficult one. Our teachers recognize and respect this by striving to not only convey material in an engaging and clear way, but also be safe and trusted role models from whom our students are excited to learn.  With Smart technology in every classroom, a computer for each student, and over 50 tablets available for in-class use, our staff is equipped with the tools necessary to engage 21st-century students.

Our Judaic Studies include the introduction and early development of the life-long journey of Talmud study for boys, with a focus on skills building and the development of a love for learning, while our girls have the opportunity to study Yahadut in depth using the highly engaging Living Lessons series. Chumash, navi, tefillah, halacha, the weekly parsha, and general Jewish knowledge are further developed both in scope and level of skills.  Fluency and accuracy in kriah (Hebrew reading) remain an important priority throughout all grade levels.

Our General Studies include a variety of reading materials, the further development of grammar, and a focus on the skill of writing in a wide range of genres as dictated by state standards. Math continues with the Saxon Math program to ensure continuity and logical development. Our students study the earth, life, and physical Science in-depth, as well as American history from the Civil War to the present day, early civilizations of the world, and civics and American government. 

Physical education and the arts are staples of the curriculum, and STEAM learning is integrated throughout our students' educational experience.

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