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Phoenix Hebrew Academy provides a warm, safe environment for children to grow, learn, and develop. Our program is designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of all students. Our teachers love children, and instructional planning strives to foster all facets of a growing child: social, emotional, and academic.  With Smart technology in every classroom, a computer for each student, and over 50 tablets available for in-class use, our staff is equipped with the tools necessary to engage 21st-century students.

Our Judaic Studies include the use of  the acclaimed Lehavin U'lehaskil program to focus on chumash skills and Hebrew grammar.  We seek to infuse the students' davening with love and feeling as well as the meaning of the tefilot (prayers). We also focus on general Jewish knowledge, character development, the weekly parsha, conversational Ivrit (Hebrew), and Halacha (Jewish law), which includes the study of the chagim (Jewish holidays). Of course, a huge emphasis is placed on the fluency and accuracy of kriah (Hebrew reading) as the foundation of all other Torah study.  Navi and Mishna study begin in the fourth grade.

Our General Studies include the use of  the Wonders series for reading, grammar, and spelling. In math we use the Saxon Math series, which is aligned to state standards, across all grade levels to ensure mastery.  Our science program follows the New Generation Science standards, and the students are exposed to a wide range of social studies, such as the study of communities, people, early civilizations in America, US geography and the 50 states, and American history up to the Civil War.

Physical education and the arts are also a regular part of our students' school experience.    

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