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The PHA Difference

The Phoenix Hebrew Academy strives to be the premier educational center in our area. Click below to experience the PHA difference.


Character Development


Student Programming


Extracurricular Programming



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Israel Connection

Phoenix Hebrew Academy proudly emphasizes our people's unbreakable bond with our eternal homeland, the Land of Israel, and celebrates the miraculous nature of its rebirth in modern times.  To foster a deep and personal love for Israel within its students, PHA takes a two-pronged approach. Firstly, our students begin to learn conversational Ivrit from the youngest ages of Early Childhood, and continue this study straight through graduation. Secondly, we provide Israeli programming to our students which encourages an appreciation for the IDF and its soldiers, a personal relationship with individual IDF soldiers, a clear understanding of the geography and topography of the land, the importance of standing as one with our Israeli brethren, and much more.
Additionally, our students join together with parents, grandparents, and friends for a very special Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration in our auditorium each year. Many of our students go on to spend at least a year of study in Israel, as well.  

Israel Connect

Extracurricular Programming

The Phoenix Hebrew Academy school day offers a personalized and varied learning experience so that every student can reach their fullest potential:

  • Our Resource Department offers both General and Judaic Studies pull-out resource services to qualifying students.

  • Our Gifted Program offers pull-out services to high scoring students in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math.

  • The highly acclaimed Waterford and Success Maker software programs provide additional resource and enrichment services to all of our students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.    

  • Our Art Program explores the elements of art, fine-tuning the students' knowledge and artistic application of lines, shapes, colors, forms, textures, and space while studying the famous artists who's work exemplifies those elements.  

  • Our Physical Education (PE) Program focuses on the positive power of play to bring out the leadership qualities, good sportsmanship, confidence, and natural abilities inherent in all of our students.  


We are also proud to offer a number of after-school courses for a nominal fee. These courses include:

  • Sports

  • Mishnayot Masmidim

  • Ballet

  • Karate

  • Girls Dance

  • Hockey Skills Club

  • Homework Club

  • Robotics

  • And more!


Please call our office for more details! 

Extra Curriculars

Middot / Character Development

We place a very strong emphasis on the development of middot tovot and a healthy character in each and every student of all ages.  We see this as paramount, and the very foundation upon which all other learning is built. This is accomplished through our middot program, Successful Me, in which students are introduced to a new middah each month. The school-wide concentration on that middah then takes on four forms:

  1. The focus of every classroom includes the Middah of the Month 

  2. Staff is on the look-out to "catch" students exemplifying the middah and praise them for it 

  3. Postcards are sent home each week to the parents of students who have stood out in their practice of the middah, letting them know how proud we are

  4. At the end of the month, teachers select a winner from each class who best personified the middah. Those winners are then presented with a certificate, and their picture hangs on our Wall of Fame until it is mailed home with a nice cover letter for the parents to enjoy

The middot of the Successful Me program include:

  • Zerizut/Zest

  • Acharayut/Responsibility

  • Vatranut/"Give In To Get Along"

  • Chessed/Kindness

  • Hakarat Hatov/Appreciation

  • Achdut/Unity

  • Kavod/Respect

Additionally, our school partners with the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation to incorporate full character development and careful speech curricula into our program as well. 

Finally, we are committed to forming an unshakable partnership with you, the parents, to ensure the implementation of this immensely important area of growth. We cherish the opportunity to work with you to help your children grow!


Student Programming

The Phoenix Hebrew Academy Student Council is a robust and meaningful self-governing student body which helps to provide our students with important life skills such as listening to differing points of view, compromise, collaboration, public speaking, and more. Supervised by our staff, Student Council also helps to create and implement important supplemental programming for our students which can augment our curriculum with exciting and memorable experiences.  Such experiences have included a special event for every Rosh Chodesh, appropriately themed to match the Jewish calendar, as well as Holiday events and more. A few examples are listed below:

  • Draidle Tournament 

  • Chanukah Carnival 

  • Tu B'Shevat Apples to Apples Tournament

  • Tu B'Shevat Candy Apple Making 

  • Purim Katan Color War 

  • Purim Spirit Week 

  • Purim Carnival 

  • Lag BaOmer Scavenger Hunt

  • And much more!

As part of the fundraising efforts which our Eighth Graders undertake each year to help offset the costs of their annual class trip, they too offer many events throughout the year which teach our students the virtues of working hard, customer service, fiscal responsibility, and money management, among others.  Events such as their community dinners are fan favorites!

When combined with the other curriculum-based special events which the school provides, such as field trips, guest lecturers, assemblies, field day, and Minute To Win It, as well as our super special end-of-year trip, our students enjoy an action packed year of growth, filled with many widely differentiated learning opportunities! 



Phoenix Hebrew Academy's STEAM program is a fully integrated hands on experience. Our students discover many scientific concepts through design and experimentation. Aside from our two annual major STEAM expos, our Science Fair and Invention Convention, our students also engage in many laboratory experiments. From testing their bodies to see if they can achieve homeostasis to observing living things produce energy through cellular respiration; from discovering the micro world of atoms and their structures and behaviors to the macro universe by observing Einstein's theory of relativity through demonstrating the concept of gravitational waves, each module reinforces our students' understanding of a plethora of scientific concepts. This year, we are happy to announce that PHA will join the CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) Robotics tournament! Stay tuned for more information!

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