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Rabbi Ari Bleeman

Judaic Studies Teacher

Sixth grade

Rabbi Bleeman spent three years learning at the Ner Le’elef Kiruv and Chinuch Training Institute in Israel. He realized his passion was teaching kids in a way that makes their studies exciting and invigorating. He enjoys coming to work every day to impart Torah to the next generation. He loves teaching at PHA for the students and the community in greater Phoenix and Scottsdale. A highlight of his week is the Masmidim program that he runs after school for boys in grades 4-6. He has been teaching at PHA for over 10 years.

Rabbi Bleeman is originally from Toronto, Canada. He grew up in a family of boys who always loved to play sports. When he’s not teaching Rabbi Bleeman enjoys spending time with his family, hockey, and learning Torah.

Rabbi Ari Bleeman
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