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Ms. Shaina Samuel

Preschool Assistant

Shaina has lived in Phoenix for twelve of her twenty years of life. She taught at preschools in New Jersey and Texas. She has been babysitting and working with kids since she can remember. She has always adored kids and has had more young buddies than she can count. She loves being a teacher because it matches up with her dream to help people grow to their full potential.

Shaina wants to teach kids that they can make mistakes and consider the mistakes as lessons for their future. Her favorite moments in teaching are always the moments where she sees a kid overcome a mountain that they have always struggled to overcome. Those moments give her the greatest joy and are why she is so excited to go to work each day.

Her amazing team of coworkers is also one of the reasons why she absolutely loves working at PHA. They are such a strong, loving, and cohesive unit. Their teamwork is amazing, and she knows they have her back for anything. PHA always works hard to foster an environment full of middos and respect. She is a proud alumnus of that wonderful environment and is thrilled to be a part of it for the next generation of kids.

Ms. Shaina Samuel
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