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Ms. Sarah Cadwallender

Music Specialist

Sarah has always wanted to become a teacher - when she reached college-age, she simply combined her two loves: teaching and music. To say her education growing up was unusual would be an understatement - she spent all of the first grade and most of the second in public school, but after that, it was a roller coaster of educational models and locations. These institutions exposed her to various types of curriculum, teaching styles, and views of child rights which impact her today.

She received a Bachelor's in Music Education at Arizona State University, taught K-5 music for four years, then got her Master's as well. She has just begun her Ph.D. program. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, though she has a mild intolerance of dairy, so she has experimented extensively with dairy-free alternatives in cooking.

Sarah loves to read, bake, knit, craft, and play Dungeons and Dragons. Teaching at PHA has been wonderful - the students have a terrific sense of wonder.

Ms. Sarah Cadwallender
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