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Mrs. Malka Harris

Assistant Principal, Judaic Studies Teacher

Mrs. Malka Harris most recently served as the Dean of Students at the Goldie Margolin School for Girls where she earned a sterling reputation for her warmth and proactivity in supporting each student’s academic success and overall well-being. She invests in each student, working to help them realize and actualize their potential, and oversees an overall program with a strong culture of learning and growth.

Mrs. Harris also teaches Advanced Chumash and her area of expertise is developing strong independent Chumash skills while simultaneously making the Torah learning deeply meaningful through its relevance and personal application.

Mrs. Harris holds a Masters of Science in Educational Administration and Instructional Supervision from St. John’s University and an undergraduate degree with a concentration in Psychology. She has almost two decades of classroom experience in Judaic studies, spanning a variety of grades on the elementary, middle and high school levels, as well as having held lead administrative positions.

Mrs. Harris is excited to join the administrative team at PHA as the Assistant Principal and bring her depth and breadth of school administrative experience to enrich the student experience for each PHA student with a specialized focus on the Girls Middle School.

Mrs. Malka Harris
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