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Mrs. Chanie Honig

Judaic Studies Teacher

Kindergarten and First grade

Chanie Lapin-Honig grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her dad being a Jewish day school principal and her mother working as a kindergarten teacher in his school. Her home was the center of learning. Adults and children, of a variety of levels of Judaism, would come to receive guidance and education. She learned acceptance, patience, and understanding. These were qualities that prepared her for a most rewarding teaching career.

Her first teaching job was a class of English as a second language (ESL) students in Netanya, Israel. When she returned to the United States, she was faced with the dilemma of providing quality Jewish education for her children in San Jose, CA. She became the principal and kindergarten teacher of Eitz Chaim School for thirteen years. The responsibilities of running the school included student recruitment, staff hiring, curriculum development, and fundraising

For the past eleven years, she has been fortunate to be part of the Phoenix Hebrew Academy team teaching kindergarten and first grade Judaic Studies. She enjoys laying a foundation for a lifelong thirst for learning and exploration. Nothing gives her more pleasure than the glint in a student’s eye when mastering a concept or skill. She is honored to partner with the parents of these wonderful children.

Among my other loves, are her nine amazing children, cooking, music, and entertaining in her home.

Mrs. Chanie Honig
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