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Mr. Nicholas Louttit

Support Staff

Security Guard

Mr. Nicholas Louttit is a father of two young boys and has been in the security industry for the last 5 years in conjunction with the Navy for 8 years as a Petty Officer 3rd Class. He also worked at Predators which is an exotic animal shop where he was the shift lead. 

IIn his 8 years of Naval experience, there were multiple duties performed. He worked in security, and also moved aircrafts deployed to the Arabian gulf on two carriers. Nick traveled to a few different countries during his time in the Navy like Dubai, England, Singapore, and the state of Hawaii where his focus was security for our ships and officers.


His greatest accomplishment is being father to two very healthy boys and being present to watch them grow into strong young men. Nick has a sense of accomplishment in his work knowing that each day he show up more people can breathe a little easier when they’re in their school or place of worship, knowing his skills can keep them safe. His mission is to help children and teachers live in a safe environment and he looks forward to keeping everyone on campus safe in his role as Full Time Security Guard.

His favorite memory in his time in service when he took part in one of the oldest Navy traditions which is the “line crossing ceremony”. It was his first time crossing the equator.

Mr. Nicholas Louttit
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