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Rabbi Naphtaly Zachai

Judaic Studies Teacher

Sixth and seventh grade boys

Rabbi Zachai grew up in Milwaukee where he attended the WITS Yeshiva for high school and three years of Bais Medrash. He then continued his studies at Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Queens, New York where he received his Smicha. He has also completed the Chinuch Intensive course by Rabbi Elimelech Gottlieb. Rabbi Zachai teaches seventh and eighth grade boys at the Phoenix Hebrew Academy. He loves being able to share his knowledge by helping each student grow at his own pace through differentiated instruction and blended learning. In addition, he enjoys playing sports with his students. Rabbi Zachai loves stepping in to add more learning when available. He organizes the Thursday night Mishmar program as well as the Erev Shabbos learning program at the Rebibo Center for Jewish life.

Rabbi Naphtaly Zachai
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