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Mrs. Kerry Lynn

General Studies Teacher

First and Second grade

Ms Lynn is a dedicated educator who inspires her students to achieve beyond the

minimum standard.

In the twenty-plus years she’s been teaching, she’s found several favorite moments

in teaching:

● that ah-ha! moment when a child makes a connection to a lesson

● the moment when the story in a book causes a student to laugh out loud

● the moment a former student visits her class and says “Thank you, now I

know why you pushed me to learn!”

● the moment when a student asks for harder math or a more challenging

book, Ms Lynn rubs her hands together and in her creepy villain voice says,

“Muahahaha, my plan is working!”

Homeschooling her own children was the inspiration for her to become a teacher

and pass on her love of reading and writing. Ms Lynn’s children are grown now,

but they still remember the days at home with their mom, reading on the couch in

the family room, science projects in the kitchen or packing the car for a road

trip/field trip. Her son, Joshua, is a firefighter in California and her daughter,

Hannah, is a published author working on her next novel in Tennessee.

When she’s not teaching, Ms Lynn enjoys reading and writing books, flower

gardening and daily six mile walks with her dog, Molly. Ms Lynn lives in north

Phoenix in a 65 year-old home with a list of never ending house projects that keep

her busy.

Mrs. Kerry Lynn
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