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Mrs. Danielle Diamond

Preschool Teacher

Two year olds and Preschool PE

Mrs. Danielle Diamond recently moved to Arizona from Zichron Yaakov, Israel with her Husband, Ilan, and two children Hallel, 5, and Shiloh, 2, who will both be attending PHA this year. She was raised in Berkeley, CA, and made Aliyah alone when at eighteen years old. She completed her Sherut Leumi at Shalva and at a boarding school for troubled youth, and met her husband who was then serving in the IDF. She grew up loving sports, including martial arts and Varsity basketball, and in Israel continued that passion and studied Physical education at Ohalo College, became a certified Doula, pre-and post partum fitness instructor, Krav Maga instructor, as well as adult and child personal trainer. Israel, Judaism, and fitness are big parts of who she is and she is excited to be a part of PHA on this new journey her family is embarking on.

Mrs. Danielle Diamond
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